House owner forced to sell fast because of the economy

During these difficult times of the Covid-19 era life is not getting any easier. When homeowners face financial hiccups and need to sell their house fast in Houston it is important to find investors that can be reliable and dependable.

house owner had to sell fast because of the sudden change in the economy
Video Transcription

Jaime: Hey, what’s up, guys? This is Jaime with TX Offer. I just wanted to come and talk to you guys a little bit about us and the service that we provide and what we do. Which, we buy houses pretty much as is, and we try to help people out whenever we can.

I’m here with Lonnie, he’s one of the sellers that we were able to help out and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about his experience with us.

Lonnie: Yeah, it was really well. I mean, they pretty much did what they said they was going to do and whole time and everything, and I’m just, I’m real happy with it, with the way it went and I have no problem with them.

Jaime: So, we did tell him that we were going to help him out within a week. Were we able to do that?

Lonnie: Yes.

Jaime: How long did it take?

Lonnie: Well, not even a week.

Jaime: Yeah, four days. We made some promises as well, we said we would come and help him out with some stuff. And here I am personally, making sure it all happens. Was that your experience as well?

Lonnie: It was fine.

Jaime: Do you think we’re a trustworthy company to work for?

Lonnie: Yeah, very much so, I tell anybody. I would tell anybody about …

Jaime: Thank you. We really enjoyed it and I’m glad you’re going to move on to bigger, better things now, finally.

Lonnie: I hope so.

Jaime: That’s awesome. So, all right guys, appreciate it.

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